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Victa Robotic - Can the legendary brand compete?

by Alexander Belanszky
Victa Robotic - Can the legendary brand compete?

The Victa rotary lawnmower is a famous Australian invention and icon that almost all Australian households have owned since they were first introduced in 1953. While petrol powered lawnmowers still call the garden shed home in many Aussie back yards, the dawn of robotic mowers is here!

Victa was slow to the scene with their Robotic lawn mower and don't offer the range of other suppliers with only the one RM100 model currently available.

The RM100 is positioned as an entry level DIY robotic mower that should be good for 600m2 of open yard. Our internal testing has seen satisfactory results on smooth thin grass, with the machine struggling for traction on thicker grass or uneven ground. 

For a cheap entry level unit, the Victa still manages to provide a lot of the features you would expect from a robotic mower. These include bumps sensors, timers, alarm and swing back blades. The unit also comes boxed with everything you need to complete a basic setup yourself.



While there is no denying that the RM100 is not in the same league brands such as Husqvarna, it certainly grabs attention on price and brand history.

Fingers crossed Victa develops further into the robotic mower world and excites us with something new