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by Dipak Patil

When it come time to choose a new mower, should you stick with the traditional options or upgrade to the latest technology with a Robotic mower?? From relatively cheap robotic mowers to industry leading high spec’d units, the ability to find a machine that is a good fit for you is nice and simple. See our article on how robots work for a detailed look at the operation of these marvels.

While many of us can think of better ways to spend our precious time rather than mowing the lawn, there are also a lot who find mowing the lawn enjoyable and love nothing better than to be able to look back at that freshly cut lawn with a sense of pride and achievement.

Imagine being able to look at the lawn every day through those eyes and always have the best lawn in the street. Your time can be focused on spending more time doing the other garden jobs that so often get neglected due to lack of time. A robotic mower shouldn’t be seen at taking away your enjoyment from the garden, but rather enhancing and increasing the quality of your outdoor space

Many see robotic mower as a “new” technology that probably wont work at their place however, this is definatly not always the case. While the popularity and advancements in robotic mowers is growing at lightning pace across Australia, our leading supplier of robotic mowers have been doing do globally for over 25 years!!

The Australia climate seem to thrown challenges at us all the time. With some many of us limited in the time we can actually mow the lawn. When all it seems to do is rain on our days off, never again does the lawn mowing need to wait. Not only will robotic mowers cut in all weather conditions but with such high frequency of cut, gone are the days of trying to jamb all the clippings in the green waste bin. Got a steep property, stop trying to battle with keeping your push mower of rideon sunny side up and think about utilising an all wheel drive robot! The really is no safer option. With robots that operate in random patterns, you can also say goodbye to track marks that can be left from traditional push mowers and ride ons. No more getting back from those summer holidays and having to deal with a jungle and having it obvious that no one is home.

While the trational aussie weekend is dawned by the first person in the street to crack up the lawnmower, this doesn’t have to be the way. The operation of the robotic mowers can be so quite that having lawns mowed in the middle of the night is now a reality. With the ability to set schedules and times that suit your own property and needs, there is now more hours available to get the lawns done.

All robotic mowers operate from battery power and autonomously return to a charging station connect to mains power with a low voltage adaptor. We even have a solar system to operate machine completely off grid. No more storing fuel and making the last minute dash to the servo on the weekend to fuel the mower.